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Keywords Everywhere is a freemium Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension that helps you with Keyword Research plus it collects search engine information for 16 different websites.

Keywords Everywhere is a freemium browser extension that helps users with keyword research and collects search engine information from 16 different websites. The extension, which is offered for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, is intended to assist customers in strengthening their pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) initiatives.

Giving consumers access to a variety of keyword statistics, such as search volume, CPC, and competitiveness, is one of Keywords Everywhere's primary advantages. The most lucrative terms for a user's specialty or business may be found using this data, which can then be utilised to improve a user's website or PPC campaigns.

The capability of Terms Everywhere to propose similar keywords is another benefit. The plugin may offer a list of relevant terms that users may not have thought of by examining the content on a website or the keywords typed into a search engine. When coming up with fresh content ideas or broadening the scope of a PPC campaign, this may be extremely helpful.

Users of Keywords Everywhere get access to a wide range of additional tools and functions in addition to keyword research. By analysing the competition for a certain term, for instance, users may evaluate how their website or PPC campaign stacks up against competitors in the same market. Additionally, users may use Keywords Everywhere to monitor a website's or PPC campaign's success over time to see which keywords are bringing in the most visitors and sales.

As a freemium plugin, Keywords Everywhere allows users to access parts of its services without charge, but they must pay to utilise its more sophisticated functions. Depending on their demands, users may opt to pay a monthly or yearly membership fee.

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