Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool by Google that allows you to monitor and improve you website's visibility and performance on Google search results.

Do you want to increase the exposure of your website on Google search results? Then  Google Search Console is just what you need!

You can track and enhance your website's performance in Google search using Google Search Console, a free service provided by Google. With the help of this tool, you can quickly monitor the search traffic to your website and find and resolve any problems that could be affecting its visibility.

Viewing the keywords and phrases that are bringing visitors to your website is one of the main capabilities of Google Search Console. This can assist you in determining the material on your website that is working well and provide insight into the kinds of content or subjects you should concentrate on moving forward.

The capability of Google Search Console to identify and address technical problems on your website is another helpful function. This covers concerns including security flaws, crawl mistakes, and broken links. You can guarantee that your website is functioning properly and that Google can simply crawl and index your content by resolving these problems.

In-depth insights on your website's mobile usability are also available from Google Search Console, which you can use to find and address any problems that may be degrading the mobile user experience.

You can connect your Google Analytics account with Google Search Console to get more specific information about the performance of your website.

In general, Google Search Console is a strong tool that can help you in raising the exposure and functionality of your website in Google search results. It's absolutely worth looking out and utilising all the capabilities of this programme if you aren't currently using them.

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